Found - June 20, 2020

Tools as Decorative Art at the Country House

By Roshan McArthur

With so many ancient farmhouses in Puglia being converted into homes, it’s not all that surprising to find traditional farm tools decorating walls. But the Country House in Maruggio takes it to another level, with a huge variety of intriguingly-shaped implements lining shelves and hanging from every wall.

It makes for an entertaining choice of décor – and a great conversation starter. We asked owner Francesco Chimienti where they came from, and he told us they are treasures he picked up in little antique shops or local street markets. “I started to collect these objects from 2010,” he said, “when I started renovating the house, because they were perfect way to remember the farming traditions of the region.”

Pictured top, in the corridor, are a selection of sickles and old pitchforks used for straw bales. In the kitchen, below, there are tongs above the fireplace, and to its side, an old chain for hanging a cooking pot. Above the doorway are four old sheep shearing tools.

Through the doorway in the kitchen, there are a variety of old saws, cowbells, sieves and even a horse’s yoke. Pictured below the kitchen are assorted locks and keys found throughout the house, as well as cowbells, carpenter’s cutting tools, another fireplace chain, and a horse bite.

We love the ingenuity of this magical house and this creative use of traditional farm tools. To explore it for yourself, book a stay here.