Videos - September 24, 2021

Hatari: A Unique Safari Destination

Video Author Hatari

Hatari is a Tanzanian safari destination that combines two remarkable experiences. First, under the gaze of the shiny glaciers of Mount Kilimanjaro and the treacherous peaks of dormant volcano Mount Meru, Hatari Lodge is where Hollywood history, African design and a parade of colorful creatures all come together. A short drive away you’ll find the second – Shu’mata, an intimate camp comprised of seven Hemingway-style tents, located on a hill in the Maasai tribal section of the Amboseli ecosystem, with its shrubs, acacia trees and elephants.

Hatari is a dream brought to life by Jörg and Marlies Gabriel, who have adopted a holistic approach at both locations. They are committed to health and conservation, most notably in the dining, for which they buy locally-grown, organic produce to make gourmet dishes. The furniture and decor is Tanzanian made, supporting local craftspeople and artisans, and is often designed by Marlies herself.

Hatari was conceived as a way of opening all the senses, including your sense of adventure, with its opportunity to see both Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro, as well as the best of Tanzania, up close. We love this video showcasing the Hatari experience. If you like what you see (and we challenge you to resist!), book a stay at this unique safari destination here.