Found - December 18, 2017

Iron and Wood at the Itapororoca Beach House

By Mariana Campbell

The Itapororoca Beach House in Trancoso, Brazil is surrounded by beautiful ocean views and decorated with warm personal touches. Francesca, the owner, inspired by her art-dealer father, has spent her life briefing art, and the result is a wonderful collection of treasures from around the world.

A brilliant example is this wall piece composed of three old looms made of metal and wood, found in a little village in the mountains of northern Brazil. For Francesca, it was love at first sight. “When I looked at the pieces I thought, this to me is art!” she remembers. “We decided to bring them to our house and create a wall piece with them.”

The finished product looks like a piece of modern art. It is the perfect accent for the living room, and it tells a beautiful story of past and present combined.

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