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Painted Walls at the Dubrovnik Coastal Villa

A Closer Look
Written by
Charlotte Beach
March 20, 2019

Some of our BoutiqueHomes are filled with so many eye-catching details and intriguing decor, it’s hard to choose just one thing to feature. From the moment we listed the Dubrovnik Coastal Villa we were faced with this predicament. The historic Croatian house built in 1938 is loaded with design gems and unique finds we were eager to learn more about.

One feature in particular tickled our fancy though: the gestural way the walls were painted in one of the sitting rooms.


These noteworthy walls are the work of the local painter and sculptor Nikolina Šimunović. She’s a Dubrovnik native, whose art has appeared in galleries all around the world over the last two decades. In 2008 she collaborated with fellow painter Ana Barbić Katičić to start the Niana Art Workshop, where her work made the leap from gallery exhibitions to home interiors.

Nikolina’s intention for this particular project was to draw on motifs that are emblematic of the Dubrovnik region, like the sea, agave, vines, woods, and islands. The result is an immersive expanse of streaky pastels covering the curved walls of the room, creating a unique and whimsical sense of space that contrasts with the heavy wooden lounge chairs and coffee table.

The result is a visually unique room with a dynamic tone distinct from the styles throughout the rest of the villa. We love this bold juxtaposition, and admire a design risk taken that undoubtedly paid off.

Features like Nikolina’s walls are the sort of things that set our BoutiqueHomes apart. These special details speak to the unique perspective of each home, and take traveling to the next level.

To stay at the Dubrovnik Coastal Villa, click here.

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