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Zio Ziegler at the 75 A-Frame

A Closer Look
Written by
Roshan McArthur
June 12, 2020

We recently added a new A-frame home to the BoutiqueHomes collection, the 75 A-Frame in Sausalito, near San Francisco. It’s a great space — a little Craftsman, a little mid-century — and flooded with natural light. There’s a dramatic oil painting that sits prominently in the living room. Curious to know more about it, we checked in with owner João Correia, founder of bicycle touring company, inGamba. It is, he tells us, the work of San Francisco-based artist Zio Ziegler.


“Zio is a cyclist as well,” says João, when we ask how he came to own the painting. “We met through some mutual friends who are cyclists. I have a few of his pieces and normally I pick something when I visit his studio. This is the biggest thing I own. When I moved from LA to San Francisco, it was the only thing out of my stuff that didn’t fit into my car, so I had to get a U-Haul truck to bring it up.”

While his work is featured on walls all over the world, Zio Ziegler is very much a Californian artist, with murals in San Francisco’s Mission District, and a 135ft tall mural on the Cathedral Building in Oakland, plus — perhaps the ultimate Golden State accolade — a line of sneakers for Vans.

His work is inspired by literature, French modernism and architecture, and this particular series of paintings deals with the issue of recognition. “These works occur on the brink of recognition,” says Zio. “They suggest form, and then dismantle it, they imply, but not quite enough to convince. They exist in a space between comprehensive observation and perception, and disassemble pre-existing ideas on form.”


But there is also a healthy dose of the unexpected thrown in, which is part of what drew João to this painting. “I really liked this particular piece because of the colors and all the little hidden images you can find on it,” he remembers. “My son was with me, and he helped me pick it out. One of the funny stories is that it has numbers on the side and, when I asked him what the numbers were, he said, ‘Oh, just a phone number I was trying to remember.'”

When we asked João why he chose where to place the painting, we loved his answer. “Honestly it’s the only wall where it would fit!” he explains. “It’s an A-frame so there are not many flat walls. But it works there. It’s like it was meant to be there.”

To experience the art of Zio Ziegler up close, book a stay at João’s mostly diagonal home here.

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