Found - December 21, 2021

The Acapulco Chairs at Casa Torre

By Roshan McArthur

Tucked into the magical Costa Careyes on Mexico's Pacific coast, Casa Torre is alive with creative energy and vibrant modern art. In each of its bedrooms, you'll find an Acapulco chair, a variation on the classic mid-century design that's been given a rainbow-colored makeover by artist Mariló Carral.

When we asked the home's owner Sally Perrin how the chairs came to Casa Torre, she explained that it was something of a happy accident. "We discovered Mariló's chairs while meandering the streets of San Miguel de Allende," she says. "We had gotten a bit lost, ended up on a side street and careened unknowingly into a gallery."

The gallery was Carral Espacio, where Mariló Carral, a self-taught artist from Mexico City, displays her vivid paintings, furniture designs, and other whimsical works of art. 

"What a surprise to see these beautiful chairs and settees on display!" says Perrin. "The Silla Acapulco chair in handwoven nylon, became an icon of the glamorous 1950s, and Mariló's artistry takes them to a whole new level.

"I took the card and contact," she adds, "and upon returning to Careyes began a back-and-forth exchange until settling on five different models. Several months later when they arrived, it was like Christmas! They are conversation pieces – as well as incredibly comfortable."

Mariló Carral tells us the Acapulco chair reminds her of her childhood, and, as an artist, she wanted to take the classic design and create something unexpected.

With the help of a family of artisans from Guerrero, she made her first chair in 2015, woven in nylon but embellished with her own sweeps of color. Each chair is unique, the design created on a computer screen and woven from that image. Birds and other elements like florals, birds and mountains are added later.

It's an intricate process that produces dramatic results. To discover the Acapulco chairs for yourself, book a stay at Casa Torre here.