Found - January 15, 2019

Painting Worlds at the Malderen Barn

By Charlotte Beach

From the ruins of a dilapidated 20th-century farmhouse, the Malderen Barn in Belgium has been brought back to life by owners Michel Rochette and Birgitta Seghers. They’ve reinvigorated the space with a bright color palette, sleek appliances, and modern decor.

Birgitta has played a particularly special role in creating the barn’s new interiors, as the artist behind the many paintings adorning its walls.

Birgitta paints large scale abstract works, blending bold pastel shapes together like ponds of color for the viewer to get lost within. Her process involves a steady layering of strokes to generate immersive worlds on each canvass. “I want to paint without understanding, constraint, or a need for something in particular,” she says. “Just paint until I am empty. Paint until I have given everything.”

This dedication emanates from every oil painting, as each exudes her passion for expression. They all feel in conversation with one another, but each sets its own distinct tone. Playful yet refined, soft yet dynamic, Birgitta’s aesthetic reveals a conversation between artist and medium. “I have no plan, only a canvas and paint,” she says of her practice.

Even when Birgitta finishes a painting, she intends for it to continue to evolve. “The journey knows no ending,” she says. “Even when the brushes are down.”

A selection of Birgitta’s paintings is available for purchase through our Marketplace here.