Found - September 30, 2020

The Patio Inside a Painting at Sacramora 12

By Stacy Suaya

Imagine yourself on vacation, having found yourself inside a painting, looking out onto a lush garden and medicinal herbs. This Alice-in-Wonderland kind of moment is one that guests of Sacramora 12 can say they’ve had.

The old barn at this design farmhouse near Faenza, Italy, houses a loft with a large patio at the back. A covered area, also visible from the inside through a glass window, it was created as though it were a piece of art. The project started from two small oil paintings by a friend of Picasso, Philippe Artias, with the authorization of his widow, Lydia, to be reproduced in various ways. In this case, they were created by the designer Gianni Pasini.

The original source works were hung on the ceiling but reproduced in larger dimensions. The floor was also painted, continuing the colorful, swirling details. Finally, vertical screens, a sort of movable walls made of perforated sheet metal – also useful as sunshades in the summer season – are colored like pieces of the same paintings. “In short, the two paintings by the artist are reproduced on the walls, ceiling, and floor, of a sort of ideal room in which to immerse yourself completely, a way therefore to savor and deepen the work in a total way,” says architect and owner of Sacramora 12, Claudio Piersanti.

“The whole, however, also has a spatial value as well as an artistic one, being a very colorful and elegant place of relaxation, surrounded by the greenery of the park. A double reading by the guests is therefore possible: an immediate and pleasant one, and a more in-depth and cultured one.”

How would you read it: painting that doubles as a patio, or patio that doubles as a painting? To find out, book a stay at Sacramora 12 here.