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Villa Mere

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    Kõera, Lääne maakond, Estonia

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    12 guests

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    6 bedrooms

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    3 bathrooms

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    Stylishly Comfortable
    A property designed with great style and with amenities that offer a relaxed stay.
    A standalone unit of accommodation
    At land’s end, on the water’s edge

    A Spa-Minded Seaside Estate in Estonia’s Matsalu Nature Park, Where Rare Birds Flock

    Right on the migratory path for millions of birds, Villa Mere is nestled within the Matsalu National Park, a nature reserve in Lääne County that is revered for its avian activity.

    A Spa-Minded Seaside Estate in Estonia’s Matsalu Nature Park, Where Rare Birds Flock

    Particularly in autumn, Estonia equates to a birdwatching mecca, as thousands of birds pass through on their migration route. It’s a life-affirming sight to see, and so is Villa Mere, a seaside home that sprawls across 25 hectares that are all nestled within the Matsalu National Park.

    Built by a couple originally from Finland, you get a sense of the peace, calm and coziness that the Scandinavians craft with a deft hand. Yugisuki-clad walls, serene furnishings and of course, not one sauna but two, are all part of the package.

    This is a place to cleanse your soul, soak in a good löyly (the Finnish word for steam) and follow it up with a reinvigorating dip in the swimming pool. Then, wander around in nature until you’ve synced to its sublime rhythm.

    Or, stay in a reclined state on the expansive terrace that offers stunning views of the Väinameri Sea - even more magical at sunset.

    This vacation rental in Estonia offers sleeping facilities for up to 12 people, with six bedrooms and three bathrooms. The home is divided into two living areas: a main house with an open plan kitchen and living room, with an adjoining dining room that has a long table that can seat up to ten people. The house has double bedrooms and two upstairs lofts, both with two beds. There are two guest toilets in the house and a separate spa area with a bathtub, walk-in shower and a sauna.

    The spa area lets out onto the deck, which leads to a jacuzzi and the swimming pool.

    Climb up to the second-floor main loft, with its high ceilings, and lounge on the big sofa while watching your favorite shows on the 55" TV. This room is perfect for kids, or for a second living room or quiet work or nap space.

    Separately, there is a suite-style summer guest cottage with two beds. (Please note: the cottage has no toilet or running water.) And there is also an additional, private sauna on the premises, with an outdoor shower (available during summer months only).

    A Resting Place for Birds Along Their Way, Too

    Nestled within the Matsalu National Park, a nature reserve in Lääne County, this home puts you in close proximity to a paradise of wildlife and waterfowl. The 486.1 km2 Matsalu National park includes the Matsalu Bay and its coastline, the Kasari River delta with its beautiful reed beds, and a scattering of nearly 50 islands and islets, all surrounded by the Väinameri Sea. Each spring, over two million birds come to rest here on their way from the Arctic to Western Europe, and other characteristics of the park are coastal, flood and wooded meadows, and altars.

    In the wooded meadows of the part, multitudinous Orchidaceae flourish among the oak and hazel trees. Coastal scarps consisting of carbonate rock are also visible, formed from the coral reefs during the Silurian period. Old hay barns and fishing huts along the hiking trails have been beautifully preserved, and look straight out of an Andrew Wyeth painting.

    The Visitor Centre of Matsalu National Park is about 30 minutes away by car, and housed at Penijõe Manor. Here, you can get an overview of the nature, history and cultural heritage of the area, as well as tips for hiking trails.

    The home is also just a 60km drive to both Pärnu, an idyllic resort town with candy-colored buildings, and Haapsalu, a medieval city with a castle.

    Just 15km away by ferry are Muhu Island, with its Koguva village and Kaali Meteorite Crater Field, and the fairy-tale-like Saaremaa island, with its forests and beautiful Kuressaare Castle.

    Kõera, Lääne County, Estonia, Closest Airport: Tallinn Airport (135km drive)

    BEST TIME TO VISIT: For bird watchers, the best time to come is during the spring or autumn, when the birds are in migration. For beach lovers, May-August is your best bet.




    Here’s what you can expect during your stay:

    • Kitchen
      Yes, fully equipped with stove, oven, breakfast fridge and dishwasher- Extra big freezer and fridge are located in the hallway, next to kitchen
    • Wifi
      Yes, Wi-fi
    • Tv
      2 flatscreen TV
    • Heater
      Yes, " hot air pumps, 2 fire place, and floor heating in some areas
    • Fireplace
      Indoor Fireplace
      Yes, 2 fireplaces
    • Pool
      Build swiming pond with lining, filters, cleaners and pumps
    • HotTub
      Hot Tub
      Yes, electric heated and filtered- open April-January (bit depending on the weather when it gets too cold)

    How long would you like to stay?

    Minimum 2 nights


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    Kõera, EE

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