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Numeroventi: Art in Residence

Written by
Roshan McArthur
August 5, 2019

Numeroventi owes much to the spirit of Florence. Famously shaped by the innovations of the Renaissance, it is still — centuries later — a highly creative and forward-looking city. This intriguing blend of past and present is exemplified perfectly in this innovative live-work project.

A collection of studio apartments and working spaces across three floors of Palazzo Galli Tassi (a 16th-century palace which, in previous incarnations, has been home to the governor, the Ministry of Economics and a syrup factory), Numeroventi offers the creative process a whole new spin.

An inspiring (and very affordable) shelter for artists and creatives who want a mental and physical space in which to develop their projects, its interiors were created by designer and Openhouse magazine editor Andrew Trotter (who also worked on Masseria Moroseta and Villa Castelluccio). The majestic 16-foot ceilings, large windows and frescoes of the original building have been combined with a simple modern aesthetic to create light-filled, dynamic and inspiring spaces.


Numeroventi is open to designers, art directors, photographers, dancers, choreographers, musicians, illustrators, artists and other creatives, as well as travelers with a passion for art and design who are interested in exploring Florence from a different perspective. Made up of four loft apartments, two kitchens, one co-working space and various studios, it offers guests the opportunity to meet like-minded people and exchange ideas.


Past collaborators have included Yoon-Young Hur, an architect and ceramicist based in Seoul and New York, Australian visual artists Rachel Peachey and Paul Mosig, Florentine interior designer Duccio Maria Gambi, and South African 3D artist Alexis Christodoulou.

“The occasion for so many unique encounters with a myriad of far-flung individuals ignites new, delightful conversations trafficking in imaginative and inspiring ideas,” says American illustrator Benjamin Sack. “Living daily with these sorts of exchanges is quite an illuminating experience which I found energizing for creative drive.”

Works created during residency programs are eligible for inclusion in an open studio/exhibition wall curated by the Numeroventi team, and each loft features rotating exhibitions by resident artists. Additional services, like photography sessions, are also available, and private events can be booked.

For further information, explore Numeroventi here. Read an interview with designer Andrew Trotter here.

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