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Sculpted Steel at Glockenbach Loft

A Closer Look
Written by
Mariana Campbell
May 8, 2018

German artist Tilmann Krumrey, influenced by the Bauhaus movement and a father who was an interior architect, is best known for his sculptures of the human form. He also owns our Glockenbach Loft in Munich, Germany, a former warehouse converted into a live-work-gallery space with constantly changing selections of art… including this kitchen, a great piece of art that has been built into the space itself. Tilmann approached a company in Franconia to bring the stainless steel idea to life — a striking piece with rounded corners that were definitely a challenge to achieve…

“Asking them to bend those corners in 1mm steel was like ordering the largest tool they had in their toolbox,” says Tillmann. “The top is a massive 6mm brushed stainless steel plate that is getting even more beautiful with every scratch it receives from usage.” It has the same dimensions as the lower body of the kitchen and is set in scene by a narrow shadow gap between the body and the top. The black element behind is made from HPC in the very same quality as the wooden sideboard on the right. All this creates a nice volume and solid, monolithic appearance.


The imposing artwork on the wall above the kitchen is ‘Quadruple Twins’ by Mary Bauermeister, the famous Fluxus artist from the Sixties whose work focuses on the mathematical principles behind natural objects – in this case, stone patterns. It creates a striking contrast with the metal below it… These works are available for sale.

Something we find very interesting is how the theme of rounded corners and edges runs through the whole loft, and shadow lines are used in order to shape the whole space as a sculpture. So it isn’t surprising that this kitchen was designed to fit the space. It’s a sculptor’s dream come true!

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