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The Bulthaup Kitchen at Valletta Vintage DOMA

The Bulthaup Kitchen at Valletta Vintage DOMA

A Closer Look
Written by
Roshan McArthur
October 17, 2019

A kitchen is a special kind of sanctuary. It’s not only a space for inspiring creativity, but it’s also a room for gathering and sharing. So it makes sense that it should be a thing of beauty. That’s why we love the kitchen at Valletta Vintage DOMA in Malta. An elegant, open-plan room designed by Maltese architect Chris Biffa and his wife Hanna, using elements by German designers Bulthaup, it’s delightful to behold.

The apartment is one of six distinctive homes in the Biffas’ collection that mix traditional with contemporary, using designer, bespoke and vintage pieces sourced from shops, workshops and markets. The Bulthaup B2 kitchen brings the German company’s signature combination of design and craftsmanship into the Maltese home. It is made up of three elements liberated from static walls that can be combined at will: the kitchen tool cabinet, the workbench and the appliance cabinet.

We asked Chris and Hanna to explain why they chose this design for their kitchen. “In our house,” they told us, “the kitchen is the most essential space, and the most loved one. When we lived at DOMA, it wasn’t only the space where everybody gathered but pretty much the centre stage of life. The family room combines cooking, dining and living, and the Bulthaup B2 kitchen is the perfect fit in both form and function.

“Its minimal looks hide a complex functionality behind the pantry doors. Once you open them, you have instant access to all your appliances, tools and ingredients at one glance; without any drawers or hidden parts.”


The Bulthaup B2 is inspired by the golden rule of craftsmanship: “Tools and materials must always be kept tidy and close at hand.” And, says Hanna, this unique organizational principle turns the kitchen into a workbench, with an abundance of freedom to move around with agility and accuracy.

But it’s more than that. It’s also a theatrical experience. “The chef is in the spotlight of the action,” she explains, “visible from any place in the room: be it from the dining table or the lounge area. As soon as the cooking session is over, I just need to close the solid walnut doors and the cooking act moves backstage, leaving the kitchen workbench neatly set for the next performance.”

Discover the utilitarian and theatrical charm of the Bulthaup B2 kitchen for yourself at Valletta Vintage DOMA. Click here to book.

Photographs by Aldo Amoretti

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