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The Light Fixtures at Tenuta dell'Alto

A Closer Look
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Charlotte Beach
May 23, 2019

In the hills of sun-soaked Puglia, within vast stretches of orchards, olive groves, and gardens, you’ll find the lovely Tenuta dell’Alto. This lavishly expansive villa was restored from 19th-century ruins and brought back to life with a tender eye for preserving its historical integrity by owners Patrizio Fradini and Mark Steinberg.

Though keen on preserving its authenticity, the duo added thoughtful modern updates and design elements to the villa, like green glass light fixtures in the dining room and mesh light fixtures throughout the home.


The green glass light fixtures are made by local artist Massimo Maci in Campi Salentina. Massimo recycles old bottles by melting and cutting them to create these striking fixtures. He calls his process “glass fusion,” which allows him to disrupt tradition and create something new that reflects his personal perspective.

“I love him as a glass artist,” says Patrizio, “and I was attracted by the clever reuse of discarded glass especially in a day and age where everything is disposed of all the time.”


Meanwhile, the mesh light fixtures featured in various rooms like the kitchen and sitting areas are the work of Patrizio himself. There are 38 of them in total, all made from repurposed fishing nets called “Nasse” that he collected over the span of a year and a half in Gallipoli, where old fisherman still make them to this day. “They are all made of a local wreath that the skilled hands of these old folks still harvest, dry and then use to make them. It’s amazing to watch them do this on the streets of charming Gallipoli.”

Patrizio was inspired to make these lights by childhood memories of his uncle regaling him with stories about the art of making Nasse. “This is now a disappearing art as more ‘humane’ fishing gets replaced by industrial fishing,” he says. “Memorializing this seems meaningful and in line with the ‘mission’ of our home (and all our homes) which is all about valuing their historic context and respecting and honoring local artisans and artists.”

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