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The Mullet A-Frame

The Kingdom A-Frame is a 1960s treasure tucked away in the woods of Vermont. Here, owner Alexis Wruble tells us how she met and fell in love with it – and what makes a perfect day when she's there.

Written by
Alexis Wruble
October 13, 2021

I love cabins because they give a feeling of adventure and escape. There's something about the unique architecture, the angles and materials used, that makes them cozy and comfortable. When we've stayed in cabins throughout the world, they feel more like an experience, than just another place to stay.

Our newfound relationship with A-frames was purely coincidental. Although what could be considered now a full-blown love affair, it began as a humble search for a quaint cabin in the woods. We had been fixated on a location known as the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont for quite some time, but never managed to find that perfect spot. We just kept searching. Fast forward one year, and we found the perfect addition to our family.

Our goal for the A-frame was to create a space where one could come and feel totally removed from any stresses of the world; a place where a sigh of relief gets exhaled when you walk through the door; a cabin in which you wish there were more minutes in the day.


We love that our A-frame is a bit “non-traditional”. From the front of the house it looks like the typical, characteristic A, but when you walk around the back, you can see its rather unique features (i.e. additional space). It has two small bump-outs on either the side of the main A, as well as a basement built into the hillside below. The bump-outs and basement build-out were both original to the 1968 structure. We joke that we fell in love with a mullet A-frame: business in the front, party in the back.

We appreciate every single angle of the A-frame. We love the slanted walls that help create that distinctive cozy feeling. We love the spiral staircase that adds to its aesthetic. We love the feeling of driving up the road to our home, taking the last right curve into the driveway, and getting treated to its memorable structure – as she definitely stands out from the rest.

A perfect day at our cabin? We wake up and walk down the picturesque Vermont dirt road to the local farm stand to pick up fresh eggs and veggies. When we get home we make a nice breakfast and coffee, and eat on the back deck while we take in the views and sounds of nature. During the day we either ride bikes on the single track at the Kingdom Trails or hike and paddle at Lake Willoughby.

After enjoying the outdoors, we prepare dinner on the grill, put on a Neil Young record, pour a glass of wine, and play games in front of the fire. The perfect amount of relaxation and adventure.


To experience the Kingdom A-Frame in Burke, Vermont for yourself, start by clicking here.

Photographs: Chris Funk (top), Pete Curialle (interiors).

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