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The Timeless Appeal of Cabins

Written by
Roshan McArthur
October 4, 2021

A friend of ours once said, "One of the coolest things about cabins is they just ask you to be there.” We couldn't agree more. Cabins are small shelters in remote places, but emotionally they're so much more than that. Whether they're perched on mountainsides, kicking back by the river's edge, tucked into the woods, or overlooking the ocean, these diminutive structures are the most honest of abodes, teaching you to shift gears and slow right down. They invite you to a simpler world where you've got everything you need, at the same time rewarding you with nature's most glorious views.

Here at BoutiqueHomes, we love cabins. They're there when we want to escape, doorways to the wild that satisfy our wanderlust every time we wander. In fact, we have an entire section of the collection devoted to them. Here are a few of our favorites, with some words from the people who brought them to life.


Isabel, Pella Roca, Languedoc, France:

"We love our cabins and the simplicity of their tiny space compared to the immensity of the feeling they give, in the heights of the hill, surrounded by nature, disconnected from everything and everyone. We love to be masters of our time again, feeling free and unguilty about doing nothing while feeling so much."


Samantha, Azul Nomeolvides, Bacalar, Mexico:

"A cabin is the perfect getaway to nature. When architecture works with the environment, magic occurs, and the sound of nature becomes the silence of the mind. I listen to what nature has to offer and design around those concepts. The result is always in tune with its surroundings and makes the most out of the natural resources."


Paulien, designer of Island Cabin, Rotterdam, The Netherlands:

"Cabins are never part of a big development project. They are built because somebody found their perfect spot and built something that they feel belongs there.

"The design of the Island Cabin came partly from the severe restrictions for building there: we had to lift the cabin up at the backside to be able to build more sqm, and partly because we wanted all the rooms to look out over the island and surrounding water. We also thought it important to build a huge platform to fully enjoy being outside."


Sofia, The Cabanon Retreat, Crete, Greece:

"In a world increasingly complex, we tend to seek simplicity. Cabins are usually petite, surrounded by breathtaking nature, provoking us to realise that we don’t need much in order to feel happiness, fulfillment and meaning. Cabins for me are a breath of fresh air, simply put."


Claire, Bushy Summers, Tasmania:

"Cabins to me are magical places. They are romantic, simple and unique. Little places that sit in woods, by the sea or a river. They feel like little secrets that connect you to nature. I love the way cabins have their own personalities and that they make you feel safe when you’re inside.

"Our little cabin has history. It sits on the water's edge at Lettes Bay in Tasmania in a small community with other little cabins and shacks. These holiday cabins were built from 1921 as a result of a mining disaster at Mt Lyell to lift the spirits of the families left behind. They were put together with all kinds of recycled materials and covered in corrugated iron sheets. They have provided an escape and given joy to many for years.

"We feel privileged to be the custodians of our little cabin and never tire of cozying up inside and staring out over the bay, a view that is continuously changing like a painting in motion."


Emily, hinterhouse, La Conception, Quebec, Canada:

"Our love for cabins comes from the desire to be surrounded by nature, while in the comfort of an inviting space. We love that feeling when it's just you, some loved ones and the natural world surrounding you.

"hinterhouse was born out of a deep passion for our earth and simplifying things. Our state of mind drastically changes when we are in nature. To amplify that, minimalism and good design affect the way we think and feel. In the case of hinter, we focus on minimalism to create more headspace for our guests.”

To discover more reasons why we love cabins, explore our dedicated section here. And to read more words from these owners, visit our Stories section.

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