Found - July 19, 2017

The Fresco at Casa dos Passaros

By Mariana Campbell

Casa Dos Passaros in Alentejo, Portugal is a pretty amazing revival of old world elegance and the art of graceful style. When you enter you are welcomed by the beautiful hand-painted hall that gives this house its unique name: House of the Birds.

Co-founder and artistic director of the brand SIÈCLE Paris for the past 30 years, Marisa Osório Farinha conceived this decoration by combining wall painting and the technique of découpage. This alfresco painting recreates the peace and tranquility of a Baroque garden courtyard with the stucco frames and ornaments so characteristic of the noble gardens of the Alentejo.

The upper part of its walls, where birds and other little animals congregate between trees, brings to the interior of the house the life and sensations of nature.

The handcrafted nature theme follows you throughout the house… In the entrance a Castelo Branco* silk on linen embroidered hanging adorns the left wall, this is reminiscent of the tapestries which decorated houses in the 17th century.

We love the colorful way in which this handmade art adorns Casa Dos Passaros, and the story behind how it was conceived. In our opinion, art at its best!

*Cool fact: The Castelo Branco Embroidery is a traditional Portuguese embroidery worked on a linen ground, commonly with silk threads using various styles of stitch but especially the defining slack stitch.