Found - June 16, 2016

The 3D Cube at Vannes House

By Mariana Campbell

Some people think its lines painted on the wall, but this 3D cube is actually a wall piece, a wire sculpture by Milanese artist Antonino Sciortino. It is made of steel rods that are welded together and hung, just like a painting, in the Vannes House.

This modern family home is the result of the collaboration of a husband and wife team whose focus on architecture, design and lifestyle is not only their profession, but how their family lives… and that is exactly how they came across this uncommon and interesting piece. 

“We began seeing Antonino’s work on the walls of architects homes that we were photographing around 2009," they told us. "Eventually we bought one for our house and we still love it! 

"We like the contrast that the lines make on the wall, the architectural box shape which has connotations of a house, and also the relationship its lines have with those created by the chord that powers the Dixon ‘Beat’ lamps in front of it.”

Finding this stylish home in the medieval town of Vannes in Brittany, France, is a breath of fresh air. Click here for more