Found - February 02, 2017

The Winged Wall at the Lake Como Apartment

By Mariana Campbell

The Lake Como Apartment in Italy is a crisp and modern restoration of a historic apartment that features cool contemporary style and some of the most amazing views of Lake Como. Along with some vintage-inspired design, we found this interesting wallpaper add-on, a wing personalizing the wall above the bed.

The owner chose this simple yet stunning design because it inspired in her a sense of peace and protection, under which one can sleep serene… just like Lake Como.

The manufacturer is Wall & Deco, a design company brought to life by Christian Benini. An advertising photographer who started reproducing huge green leaves as wall background sheets for his sets. The graphics immediately attracted the attention of designers and architects and his backdrops became an expression of wall design, a kind of living environment.

Explore the Lake Como Apartment here and discover the winged wall for yourself.