Collections - December 26, 2022

Our Team Picks 2022

Here at BoutiqueHomes, we look at beautiful homes every day, and each that we invite into our collection is a standout. But it wouldn't be the end of the year without a roundup, so here are our team's picks of unforgettable new additions for 2022. Enjoy!

Jonkmanshof 20 & 30, Western Cape, South Africa

"They combine all that we are looking for: very personal, creative owners—a chef and ceramist—with guests that are a perfect fit for our community—interior designers, artists, architects, and other creative minds."

- Simone, Curator

Elsewhere, Gualala, California 

"It's 30 minutes from where I grew up, and spending time surrounded by redwoods, by 'my' redwoods... I look at the photos and I can smell it and know it, and still be awed like a child." 

- Kris, Customer Success Manager

Villa Pacheca, Cantabria, Spain

"...for that dreamy stable-turned-library with sliding ladder, and the massive open hearth that just invites you to curl up and read cover to cover."

- Rebecca, Writer

Casa Bonita, Bahia, Brazil

"This home is artist Flavia Del Pra's joyful creation. From the layout of the building to the plates on the table and the tiles on the floor, it's all her magical vision." 

- Roshan, Managing Editor

Eco Farmhouses, Muranga, Kenya

"Being so close to nature and big animals is just dreamy. Visiting Kenya is definitely on my bucket list."

- Ana, Finance Manager

La Tropical Villa, Merida, Mexico

"A romantic and intimate bolthole with a stunning pool, in a town poised to be the next 'it' destination in Mexico. It’s also owned by a dear friend, the architect turned parfumeur Carlos Huber."

- Marc, CEO

Borgo Gallana, Puglia, Italy

"I love how it feels so natural and simple, but it is actually an amazing combination between traditional architecture and minimal design."

- Ceci, Picture Editor

De Kas (The Greenhouse), Gelderland, The Netherlands

"It's the perfect escape, an eclectic mix of mod interiors, sleek design, and best of all its conservatory-like glass walls offering an almost complete immersion in nature."

- Mikayla, Customer Success Manager

Casacosta, Tenerife, Spain

"The open space and fresh ocean breeze paired with beautiful sunsets allows your mind to wander while sitting in the outdoor lounge." 

- Pascal, Business Development Manager

Casa Joana, Algarve, Portugal

"This home creates a wonderful experience visually through its open space concept and gorgeous natural lighting and greenery. The touches of color used in the interior are positively refreshing. I can see myself doing yoga outside and disconnecting." 

- Sara, UX Designer