Boutique Travel - May 14, 2019

The Dome Villas of Lombok

By Mary Douris

Handmade entirely of bamboo framework with adobe walls and brick exteriors, these dome villas are a marvel of natural construction, animated design and architectural purity. With smooth fluid lines and charmingly peculiar forms, the vision is unique, unconventional and just the kind of adventurous approach to design that we love.

A passion project conceived in 2011 by an Indonesian-based German expat and charter boat tour operator Britta Slippens, the dream to build a holiday retreat was an extension of the adventure and vacation experience she had developed at sea. After an extensive search, she discovered a rare and beautiful site on Lombok Island with stunning views across the ocean and the Gili Islands.

With no roads, no infrastructure, no guidelines or any indication that it was even possible, she began by partnering with architect and painter Wolfgang Widmoser – also an Indonesian transplant – who was instantly inspired by the location. A student of surrealism who studied with Dali, his creative vision resulted in a charming and remarkable cluster of individual egg shaped structures with magical and whimsical qualities influenced by mythology, surrealism and a little cosmic inspiration.

A little mysterious, a little primitive and unlike anything we’ve ever seen, this is a visually stunning installation in an amazing location that makes for a fascinating vacation experience. 

To visit them in person, click here.