Found - April 03, 2017

The Sea Globe at the Moorish Townhouse

By Mariana Campbell

Once a fisherman’s house, the Moorish Townhouse in Olhão, Portugal was recently given a sleek and contemporary makeover. But its roots were not forgotten, with simple decor and fun features like this decorative sea urchin sculpture.

We were thrilled to find out that the owner himself made it, using sea urchins found at Ishla of Armona. This is one of many creations born from putting together a small collection of cool marine finds like shells, twigs, thrift wood or anything interesting he comes across while walking on the beaches in Portugal. Then, at home, he is inspired to construct a collage or installation with them.

We are big fans of nature still life, and this beautiful  installation of pink and purple sea urchins in a glass dome is, without a doubt, our kind of art.

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